Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots

Build a nation and then help it to thrive across 6,000 years of human history

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Thrones and Patriots is the name of an extension pack for the popular Windows PC turn-based strategy game, Rise of Nations. This particular pack adds a multitude of new features, including letting players explore six thousand more years of history, lasting eight epochs total, as they build up and try to ensure the survival of their budding civilizations.

Six new nations are including in Thrones and Patriots, ripe for conquering and cultivating. Add this to the pre-existing eighteen for a hefty twenty-four nation total. Unique, all new campaigns have also been added in single player mode, plus more than twenty new types of units, new wonders, and new innovations to the Government feature. This includes types of governments never before seen in the series, and allows any nation, either new or old, to choose how they want to be governed. The type of government chosen has effects on how the nation reacts to different circumstances.

The epochs start at the Ancient Age and last until the rise of the Information Age, thousands of years later. Each of the nations introduced in Thrones and Patriots are wonderfully distinguished from the existing nations too, in line with their real historical counterparts. For example, the Eastern Indians ride elephants into battle in addition to their calvalry units.


  • The four new campaigns introduce a narrative drive that the original campaigns lacked and allow players to control courses of events that have changed the world in history.
  • Added up together, there are over a hundred new scenarios in Thrones and Patriots' campaigns.
  • New government types have been added.
  • Thrones and Patriots offers eight epochs over six thousand years to play through, plus six new civilizations.


  • The graphics are not particularly impressive, even though they're not ugly either.

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